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This section provides an in-depth guide for the features and functionality of Airpay POS.

If you're just getting started then please check out the Quickstart Guide first. This provides a quick overview for getting up and running quickly with Airpay POS. Once you're done with that you can return here to read about more advanced features, or try out the features directly in the Airpay POS app yourself.

If you can't find the answers you're looking for here then please get in touch.


Many of the business management features listed here are also available using a browser via the Airpay POS Portal.


Airpay POS features multiple modes to better tailor the Airpay POS to your business. For more information on these Modes visit this section.


Your dashboard helps you understand payments received, weekly sales and top selling products.

This is the first thing you'll see every time you open Airpay POS and should help you understand how your business is going.


The Invoices tab is only visible in Invoicing mode.

The invoices tab shows you all your active (unpaid) invoices, quotes and drafts. This is where you should look to create new invoices or do anything with existing ones.


The Orders tab is only visible in Hospitality mode.

The orders tab shows you all your active (unpaid) orders. This is where you should look to create new orders or do anything with existing ones.


The Register tab is only visible in Retail, and Hospitality modes. In Hospitality mode this tab is called Orders.

The Register tab allows you to make direct sales by adding items, either via the keypad or from your product list.

The paid tab shows you all of your sales and invoice history.

All of your sales, refunds, and invoices that have been fully paid off will appear here as well as any voided transactions.


All refunds are initiated from the Paid tab. You can do ad-hoc refunds, or create refunds based on existing invoices and sales.


Visit this section for more information on features you can find behind the More tab.