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This is where you can modify various settings relating to your business.

Business Mode

Airpay POS supports a few different modes to better tailor the app to your business. You can read more about modes in the Modes section.

Set Refund Passcode

This is where you can set your refund passcode. You'll need to do this before you make any card or Alipay based transactions. A refund passcode is important because this is the only way money can come out of your bank account using the Airpay POS app.

To set a new refund passcode you'll first need to enter your Airpay POS account password to verify that you're the account owner.

Once you've successfully authenticated you can set a new passcode by entering a numeric code between 4 and 8 digits.

You can read more about making refunds in the Refund section.


If you'd like to support multiple users having access to your Airpay POS account you can create new users from this menu. New users can login to the Airpay POS app on their own mobile device and create and process invoices and sales on your behalf. You can choose a role for each new user to restrict their capabilities.

To add a new user simply press the (+) button and enter the users email address and choose their role.

Manager Has the same access as the main user except for modifying Business Settings.
Operator Has access to creating and processing invoices and sales. Operators are unable to make any changes via the More menu except for configuring card payments. They can create new customers via the sales and invoicing interface.


The taxes menu allows you to set the default configuration for GST. If the majority of your sales attract GST then you should toggle this option on. You can also configure each item separately with regards to GST if you have a mix of product types.

Turning on GST will make sure that your reports appropriately reflect any GST collected for your invoices and sales.