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Modifiers allow you to make customisations to items. This might be to choose toppings, add options or cater for special requests. Modifiers and any price changes will appear in the basket, paid sales and in receipt.

Create Modifier Set

Tap the (+) button to create a new modifier set and then enter a name.

The Modifier Options are the possible options that can be chosen for this Modifier Set. You can add a new modifier using the Add Modifier button. Each modifier needs a name and a value which determines how this modifier impacts the item price. This price can be positive or negative (or $0.00).

The modifiers can be re-ordered by long-pressing and dragging (on Android) or using the edit button at the top right of the screen (on iOS).

The Multi-select option allows for up to 3 of the same modifier to be added to a single line-item.

Once you've finished configuring the modifier set you'll need to choose which items it applies to by tapping Apply Set to Items. The Apply Set to Items screen will list all of your items alphabetically with the items this modifier set already applies at the top. Simply tick any items you'd like to include and they will move up to the top of the screen. Untick an item to remove this modifier set from that item.

Modifiers sets automatically save as you go, so simply tap back once you're finished.

Editing a Modifier Set

To edit a modifier set simply tap the modifier set you want to edit from the list. Make any changes as above and use the back button once you're finished editing.

You can also delete a modifier set by using the Delete Modifier Set at the bottom of the Edit Modifier Set screen.