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All refunds are initiated from the Paid tab. You can do ad-hoc refunds, or create refunds based on existing invoices and sales.

Ad-Hoc Refunds

To create an ad-hoc refund, navigate to the Paid tab and tap the refund icon on the bottom right of the screen (on Android) or at the top right of the page (on iOS).

The refund operates the same as a standard sale, so see the Register section for more details on how to create your refund.


Once you're ready to process the refund, tap the refund icon at the bottom right of the screen. This will take you through the standard payments flow.

If you choose Cash or Other for the refund method you will need to provide the refunded money to the customer yourself. If you choose Card or Alipay for the refund then you will need to enter your refund passcode before processing the refund.

As with a normal payment, the result of the refund will display at the end allowing you to send the customer a receipt via email or SMS.

Refund Passcode

If you haven't already setup a refund passcode then the app will prompt you to do so when you select either Card or Alipay.

Refund a Sale or Invoice

To refund a sale or Invoice, simply find the relevant sale or Invoice in the Paid tab and tap on it.

From there, select the overflow button at the bottom right of the screen and choose Refund.

This will create a new Refund as above that is pre-populated with all the line-items from the original sale or Invoice. You can further modify the refund by adding and removing line-items. Once you're ready press the refund icon at the bottom right of the screen to process the refund as above.