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Pairing Your Card Reader

Hardware Information

For more detailed information on your card reader hardware visit the MT330 card reader page, or the AP3 Contactless Reader page.

The easiest way to pair your card reader is to tap the Choose Card Reader card near the top of the dashboard (this may say "Preparing Card Payments" while the app is still starting up). Simply tap on this card to start searching for nearby card readers.

Choose card reader

Can't see Choose Card Reader?

If you don't have a Choose Card Reader card on your dashboard then your account hasn't been enabled for card payments. You'll need to apply for a Card Reader and wait for approval, or if you feel this is in error then contact support.

Make sure your card reader is turned on, and then find its serial number in the list. Select your card reader from the list to initiate pairing. If this is the first time you've connected to this card reader, you might be prompted to assign the card reader to your company - simply select Proceed to continue.

Finding your serial number

If you have the contactless only card reader then the serial number should be displayed at the top of the screen. Otherwise press the enter key on your card reader to show the serial number on the screen.

Once you're connected the card on the dashboard should now show your connection status. Your card reader will automatically reconnect whenever you open the Airpay POS app as long as its turned on.

Making Payments

To make a payment using your card reader you'll need to create a sale or invoice and then follow the Card Payments instructions.

Updating Your Card Reader

When there is an update available for your card reader, your connection status card on the dashboard will display a notification saying "An update is available". Tap the update button to launch the update screen and start the update process.

You can also trigger an update via the Tools Menu which is detailed below.

Updates take time

Updating your card reader can take some time! Since an update may take up to 30 minutes, you should make sure you're not busy with a customer before starting this process.

Unpairing Your Card Reader

If you'd like to disconnect from your card reader, you'll need to unpair it. This might be because you want to connect the card reader to a different device, or to connect a different card reader.

Navigate to More > Card Payments (or tap on the connection status card at the top of your dashboard). This page should display your connection status. From here you can simply tap Forget Card Reader. This will disconnect and unpair your card reader. You can always pair the device again by following the instructions above.

Card Reader Tools

You can find the Card Reader Tools inside More > Card Payments (or by tapping on the connection status card at the top of the dashboard).

This tools menu lets you do various bank operations, and gives you some advanced options for your card reader. Generally you shouldn't need to do much in here unless directed to by support, but read on for a description of what each option does:

Bank Operations
Logon A Logon causes your card reader to perform a key exchange with the bank host. If your card reader isn't operating correctly, support may ask you to do a Logon to re-synchronise your card reader with the bank.
Current Totals This will show a summary of your card payments for the current payment period.
Previous Totals This will show a summary of your card payments for the previous payment period.
Settlement Cut-over This will cut-over the current payment period if it hasn't already been done today. Generally the bank will automatically do this cut-over for you, but if you want the cutover to happen at a specific time, you can do it manually by using this option.
Choose PINpad This allows you to pair to a new card reader - this operates in the same way as pairing above.
Forget PINpad This will unpair your card reader (as detailed above).
PINpad Software
Software Summary This will show a summary of the software on your card reader. This may be useful if support is helping you with an issue.
Update PINpad This will launch the card reader update screen. Airpay POS will let you know via the dashboard if an update is available, so you usually won't need to select this unless asked to by support.
Refresh Configuration This will refresh any bank details from the host. Support may ask you to do this if they make any changes on your behalf.
Upload Logs This option will provide your card reader logs to our support team so they can assist you with any problems.
PINpad Diagnostics This option may help our support team to debug any issues you may be having.